How long is the ceremony?

The average length is 20 minutes. Each ceremony is unique, so times will vary depending on the components you choose.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes. And if you do, I will ask you to read them to each other. Otherwise, the most common format for exchanging vows is the “repeat after me” format.

Do you offer assistance with creating a memorable ceremony?

Yes, we offer all of our couples access to our Ceremony Planning website.

Can photos and videos be taken during the ceremony?

Yes, I have no restrictions. I do always ask photographers and videographers to respect the ceremony by remaining as unobtrusive as possible while doing their work.

What do you wear?

I dress in professional business attire.

Do you have a backup in case you can’t make it?

Yes. I am part of a team called Our Wedding Officiant, the officiant group for Pearle Hospitality weddings. If there is an emergency, a replacement can be found for you quickly and efficiently.